Bhasho - A Platform for Distribution As A Service

BHASHO - An EarnWealth Solutions Private Limited Owned brand is your gateway to a diverse range of quality products, offering everything from natural honeys to organic ghee. As a platform focused on Distribution as a Service, BHASHO connects distributors with top brands and distributors can access exclusive products, competitive margins, and seamless distribution solutions. Join us to elevate your distribution business and explore new opportunities in the market!

Meet Our Experts


Rajesh P Nair

Founder & CEO - EarnWealth Groups

I am the Founder & CEO of India's First Social Commerce FinTech EarnWealth Solutions Pvt Ltd. I Founded EarnWealth in mid 2014 when FinTech as a word didn't even exist. As of Dec 2023, more than 50000 Individual Financial Consultants use EarnWealth Android App to offer various financial products to their customers. I have raised more than 1 Million dollars for EarnWealth in 3 different rounds.
Today EarnWealth is valued at 250 Crores with 5 diversified businessess. My businessess are Speed Finance - Lending, Speed Wealth - Investments, Speed Tech - IT Services, Udaan - EdTech & BhaSho - FMCG.
I advice more than 25 Companies currently to grow their business. I also mentor Startups to raise capital and establish their business. I have advised 10+ Startups to Raise Capital in both Debt & Equity.


Divjot Singh

Director & CTO - EarnWealth Groups

I am Director and Chief Technology Officer of EarnWealth Solutions Pvt Ltd, a leading financial services company that offers customized wealth management solutions for clients. I oversee the IT infrastructure and software development of the company, and apply my skills in databases and business analysis to ensure the quality and security of our data and systems.  I leverage my expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to design and implement cutting-edge algorithms and models that enhance the performance and efficiency at the organizational level. I am passionate about delivering value and excellence to our customers and stakeholders, and I constantly seek new opportunities and challenges to grow and learn.