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dairy dame


Our Story

We are a dairy farm and dairy products manufacturer, established in 2021 by two farmers at Wayanad, Kerala with a motive to provide healthy dairy products to our community.


Unlike other manufacturers in the market, we do not procure milk from public markets which can mixed with hazardous chemicals to increase shelf life. From recent studies, it is very clear that most of the dairy products we consume have the presence of very harmful chemicals. Knowingly or unknowingly we are feeding the same to our kids as well. We are here to challenge and change this situation!


All our products are manufactured using traditional methods and modern technologies from pure milk produced in our dairy farm. We ensure all our products are 100% authentic and pure and they are free from any form of chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics. 

Our Philosophy

Our cows are not considered as milking machines, they are our family. We take very good care of them by focusing on their health, nutrition, and well-being. We feed them with lush green fodder from our 8-acre farmland and we ensure their health conditions are monitored and recorded daily and they get the best medical assistance whenever needed.


 We only use fresh and hygienic milk produced by our happy and healthy cows. Our commitment to quality means that while our production may be limited, the excellence of our dairy products speaks volumes. At Dairy Dame, we firmly believe that your family deserves nothing but the best.

Make a conscious choice. Choose Dairy Dame products for purity, health, and a dairy experience like no other.

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